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Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

We Are A Hong Kong Base Internet Services & Networks Provider.

We provide domain registration in com/net/org, .hk , .cn, .tw and other country.
We also provide web hosting, web design and different web solutions to our clients.

Our clients List. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

          T & L (HK) Ltd.
          Tactics Communication Ltd.
          Talika And Marketing (HK) Ltd
          Tai Cheung Lung Industrial Ltd.
          Tai Fook Wealth Management Group Ltd.
          Tai On Hong
          Tai Shin Int'l Bank Co., Ltd.
          Tai Tung Company
          Tak Cheong Contracting Company
          Takson Garment Mfg. Co. Ltd.
          Talent Concord Company Ltd.
          Talikacom Ltd
          Tamayo Int'l Ltd.
          Tara Labs (Far East) Ltd
          Target Funds (Asia) Ltd.
          Tasiu Computer Systems Ltd.
          Taurus Treasury Consultancy Limited
          Tech Champion Int'l Ltd
          Teddy By Bear Co.,Ltd
          Teamluck Trading Limited
          Team Surplus Limited
          Techno Holdings Ltd.
          Teampro-Trans Ltd.
          Telemedia Capital Ltd.
          TeleTech (HongKong) Ltd.
          Technet Systems Consultant Ltd.
          Teo Cheow Seng (HK) Ltd.
          Texcon Enterprises Ltd.
          Thalaspa Cosmetics (Asia) Enterprises Co.
          The Association of Godwin's Spiritual Friends Ltd.
          The Church in Hong Kong Ltd.
          The Citizen Athletic Association Ltd.
          The Cruising Club Hong Kong Ltd.
          The Department Of Automation And Computer-Aided Engineering,The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
          The Effective Dialogue Group Ltd
          The Marketing Store World Wide (HK) Ltd.
          The Wing On Co., Ltd.
          The W Partners Visual Image Productions
          The Youth Carenet Adventure Resource Centre
          Thixomag Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.
          Thoz Artiste Association
          T.H.O.Z. Lifewater
          Tide Fuhua Technology Ltd.
          Tide Group Limited.
          Time Lex Ltd.
          Tin Hung Telecom [ Tele-success Enterprises Limited.
          Tin Kee Noodle Products (HK) Ltd.
          Tom's Paper
          Topbase Investment Ltd.
          Tony Yau Design Company
          Top Channel Development Ltd.
          Topfine Machinery Co., Ltd.
          Toplux Limited
          Topnet Systems
          Top Trend Trading Limited
          Topram Inc
          Topworth Investments Ltd.
          Toymates (International) Company Limited
          TP Promotional Group Hong Kong Limited
          Tremis Co., Ltd.
          Trendriver Company Limited
          Trend Idea Co., Ltd.
          Trendy Investment Limited
          Tribunal (FarEast) Corp. Limited
          Triple Leaf Tea Inc.
          Trisat Industrial Co., Ltd.
          Tronnovation Technology Enterprises Limited
          T Stamp Int'l Co., Ltd.
          Turbo Hong Kong Ltd.
          Tutorlink Agency Centre
          TVB Facilities Limited
          Typhoon Media International Ltd.
          Tyrel Corporation

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