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Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

We Are A Hong Kong Base Internet Services & Networks Provider.

We provide domain registration in com/net/org, .hk , .cn, .tw and other country.
We also provide web hosting, web design and different web solutions to our clients.

Our clients List. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

          Macan Theme Pork And Resort Limited
          Maisto Trading Ltd. - Macao Commercial Offshore
          Maki'N Accessories Company
          Mama Maria's World Co Limited
          Mangrove Online Book
          Mangrove On-Line Book Store
          Ma On Shan Ling Liang Church Limited
          Mapei China Limited
          Maren Technology Ltd.
          Masterford Development Ltd.
          Maverick Manufacturing Ltd.
          Max Source Development Ltd.
          May Cheong Toy Products Fty. Ltd.
          May's Development Limited
          May's Company
          Maygrand International Ltd.
          M Cashback(Hong Kong)Ltd.
          M.C.I. Company
          Meeting Planners Int'l (HK) Ltd.
          Media 8 Entertainment Ltd
          Medical Market (Asia) Services Center
          Mega Brands Hong Kong Ltd.
          Megatec Co.
          Mega Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          Metro Park Group Ltd.
          Metro Times Industries Ltd.
          MGM Associates Ltd.
          Micro Motors (UK) Ltd.
          Mighty Dragon Holdings Ltd.
          Millennium Int'l Co.
          Millennium Network Ltd.
          Milton Stelle Ltd.
          Mima (Hong Kong) Ltd.
          Mirc Media
          Minilogic Device Corporation Limited
          Mirage Glass Manufacturing Ltd.
          ML Accessories Ltd
          Mobile City (HK) Ltd.
          Mobile Concept Ltd.
          Modern Asian Food Pte Limited
          Moment And Future Educational Centre Limited
          Morgan Meditech Limited
          Mosion Limited.
          M Productions Limited.
          Multicon Group Limited
          Mu-Tron Company Limited
          M Y Consultant Company
          MyHotAccess.com (HK) Limited

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