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Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

We Are A Hong Kong Base Internet Services & Networks Provider.

We provide domain registration in com/net/org, .hk , .cn, .tw and other country.
We also provide web hosting, web design and different web solutions to our clients.

Our clients List. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

          Gainrich Industrial Ltd.
          Galaxias International Co., Ltd.
          Gamestar Technology Limited.
          Gamezone Ltd.
          Garvis Company Limited
          Genestrix Ltd.
          Genetel Company Ltd
          Genetics Biomedical Laboratory Ltd
          Genexy Company Ltd
          Gentledon Limited
          Geotek Ltd
          Girl Friday Ltd.
          GISsuccess Ltd.
          G.Li & Company Limited.
          G & L Technology Consultant Co., Ltd.
          Global Dynamic Corp. Ltd.
          Global eSolutions Inc.
          Global Joy Limited.
          Global Sourcing Limited.
          Global Sports Company
          Globaltec Electronics Ltd.
          Glory Team Industrial Ltd.
          GMS Telecom Ltd.
          Go Forward Investment Development Ltd.
          Gold Dragon International Ltd.
          Gold Water Wood Company Ltd
          Golden Dragon Trading Co.
          Golden Dragon High Technology Co., Ltd.
          Golden Oriental International Ltd.
          GoldenTek Electronics Ltd.
          Golfpoint International
          Goodlake inc
          Good Time Paper Roll Fty. Ltd.
          Grand China Textiles Ltd.
          Graphical Communications Productions Ltd.
          Great Asia Development Ltd.
          Great Concept Industrial Ltd.
          Great Luck Technology Co., Ltd.
          Green Futures(Hong Kong) Limited
          Green Horse Toys Co Ltd
          Green Island Cement (Holdings) Ltd.
          Growell Holdings Ltd.
          Guangzhou Kerrison Trading Co., Ltd.

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